Love by Design

By: Lisa Watson

He lost her once. Is this their second chance?

Transforming a vision for Belle Cove Resorts into reality is a breakout move that could take Dakota Carson’s image specialist company to the next level. But it means teaming up with the man who broke her heart. Soon enough, Dakota’s overwhelming desire for the gorgeous entrepreneur reawakens. But giving in to passion could cost her way too much.

Years ago, Logan Montague walked away from everything, including the woman he loved. Now CEO of his family’s international resort chain, he won’t risk losing Dakota another time. With his matchmaking aunt’s blessing, he and Dakota are united in business—and pleasure. And so Logan embarks on his scheme of seduction, sweeping Dakota away to an exotic Jamaican hideaway. With both their professional and personal futures on the line, can they learn to trust and love each other…again?

“What am I going to do with you?”

He held her face between his hands and gently kissed her. “I have some ideas.”

Logan kissed Dakota on her neck, letting his hands roam over her body. He moved around to stand behind her. His fingers poised over her dress zipper. “May I?”

She leaned into his touch. “Please do.”

Expecting to feel a little nervous, Dakota was not prepared for the rush of longing that infused her when he undid her dress. His hand slid inside the garment to touch her back and caress her skin with soft, circular strokes. After a few moments, he used both hands to ease her dress off her shoulders before kissing her right shoulder blade.

Dakota turned around and then wrapped her arms around his neck. She kissed him again before lowering her hands to his shirt and unbuttoning it. “My turn,” she said, easing the material away from his body.

Unable to help herself, her fingers fluttered across his chest. The muscles underneath were hard and firm. Next, her fingers moved to the buckle on his pants. Soon they were standing together in their underwear. Emboldened, Dakota reached around and unhooked her bra. She was completely nude before he had uttered a word.

“You’re the sexiest best friend I’ve ever had.”

She lay back on the bed, motioning for him to follow. “I feel the same way.”

Logan lay down beside her. He traced the lines of her body with his hands as though committing every curve to memory. When he was done with his exploration, he rested the palm of his hand on her heart.

Dear Reader,

Can a first love be rekindled after years of silence? That’s what Dakota Carson has to decide when Logan Montague returns with a business proposition she can’t refuse. It’s an emotional time for Dakota—Logan was her best childhood friend and the only man she’s ever loved. When he left, she was devastated. His return wreaks havoc, and despite Dakota’s protestations of indifference, it’s an adjustment.

Logan’s never stopped loving Dakota. While familial obligations caused him to leave, it’s not the whole story.

I hope you enjoy this Harlequin Kimani Romance story. It’s my favorite in the series, and I know you’ll enjoy these characters as much as I do!

Be inspired…


For Dalen… Your guidance is invaluable.

Thanks to Lisa Lanier. Your keen eye is so invaluable to me. You are a wonderful beta reader, and I’m so grateful for your flashes of inspiration!

To Pat Simmons, my literary partner-in-crime and a great storyteller. You excel at keeping me on deadline—and word count!

To Renee Bernard, the newest link in my armor and an amazing author. Thank you so much for all your sage advice and support. The stars definitely aligned the day we met! I’ll be eternally grateful that I took a “detour”!

My thanks to fellow author Michelle Lindo-Rice for making sure my characters’ Patois was irie!

To my FB Divas, Anita Tann, Jackie Roberts and LaVerne Aslam! You ladies are always excited and supportive, and I thank you!


 “I’m going to lose her.”

Logan Montague sat on the bench in Grant Park. His world had just been blown apart, and the shards that were once his hopes and dreams scattered to the four winds. He was leaving Chicago…immediately. The timing of his parents’ decree could not have been worse. He stared down at the grass beneath his feet, but all he saw was time running out. What he wanted least in the world, working in the family business, was going to be his entire future.

He sensed the urgency in his parents, and he wished he could just ignore it and go his own way, but he could not, nor would he shirk his responsibilities to his family. He just wished things had turned out differently.

One disaster at Montague International had his family scrambling to do damage control. His father was insistent that the news of one of their directors suspected of sabotage and trying to jump ship to the competition had to remain out of the public eye at all cost. They could tell no one about it for fear of scandal and plummeting stock prices. It was bad enough having to leave, but not being able to tell Dakota Carson the truth of the situation was unacceptable.

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