The Billionaires Love Curves(2)

By: Cj Howard

“This is your room,” Elaine said.

“It’s so big.”

“You like it?”

“I love it.”

“You can move in right away,” said Elaine.

“Thank you so much, Elaine. I don't have many things but I'll move them in over the weekend.”

“Fine by me.” Elaine walked into the kitchen. There was a small dining table under a

window that looked over the building next door.

“Will this do?” she asked Lacey.

“It’ll do just fine.” Her eyes took in the tidy kitchen surfaces and shiny coffee maker.

“Oh, question for you, Lacey. Where do you work?”

“I just got a new job, I start Monday at Holden-Taylor.”


“I only assist the copy-editors, I'm not a real journalist – not yet. I haven't told the folks at home about any of this, so we're all in for some big changes”'

“Well, let’s hope you like living here. I'll see you on the weekend.”

When Lacey broke the news to Lucas and her mother that she was moving out, she did so over the pizza she brought home for dinner that night.

“You doing what?” her mother said, standing up.

“Moving out. I've got a job and I start Monday”

”And what about your brother?”

“He’s doing just fine at school. He's got his head screwed on.”

“Well, Missy, I don't think you have.” Her mother didn't even take a breath. “You got these pie in the sky ideas. You think you're better than everyone. Now, I been humoring you with all that fancy night school and shit but you ain't leaving this place. If it's good enough for me it's good enough for you. 'Sides, you already got a job.”

“I had three jobs! And it's about time you thought about working yourself.” Lacey didn't look up at her mother.

“You calling me lazy?” Her mother slumped back into the armchair she'd been occupying.

Lucas cleared his throat.

“Lacey, congratulations,” he said. “You done good. I'm proud of you, and I hope you get everything you dream of because you deserve it.” Lacey hugged her brother and began to cry. Their mother just looked on, shaking her head.

“You make sure you stay in school and do well,” Lacey told her brother. “Remember, you can do anything you want to in this life and don't let anybody hold you back, you hear?”

These were words Lacey would have to apply to herself one day, but her adventure was only just beginning.


To say it was the ideal place to work was an understatement. Her job in the copy-editing offices of the prestigious Holden-Taylor Publishing House had been on top of the list of places where she most wanted to work. Lacey had worked her butt off just to get interviewed there

She was now just past the three-month probation period and knew it was the best decision she'd ever made. Holden-Taylor was the publisher of three upmarket glossy magazines and the leading company in online editorials in the advertising, law and accountancy worlds.

Even though Lacey was more of a general office worker than anything else, she dreamed of one day becoming a copy editor and eventually have a column all of her own.

Sadly, over the three months of being there, she lost contact with all her old friends and even her mother didn't return her calls. She thought it was because they thought she was putting on airs and graces. That wasn't true at all.

So, Elaine had become her new best friend. She still saw her brother, Lucas, from time to time, but he had sense enough to remember what Lacey said to him and pretty soon he'd move out of Flatbush, too.

“Shit, I'm late for the meeting.” Jane Carmichael, one of the young journalists and recent recruits to Holden-Taylor was always late for something. There was a meeting in the boardroom that was due to start at any second.

Jane relied heavily on Lacey to do her running around, research, fact checking, and fetching endless cups of coffee from the kitchen.

“Anything I can do to help?” Lacey said, without even looking up from her computer.

“You’re a life saver, Lacey. I've just sent you a file I need you to print. Just pop into the boardroom as soon as you're done. It's an idea I have for a feature and I want to impress Nate Horwood.”

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