The Billionaires Love Curves(3)

By: Cj Howard

“Nate Horwood?' Lacey looked up. “You mean the CEO is coming to this meeting and you're just sitting there?” Lacey was horrified.

“I know, I know, I'm on my way. Bring that print-out ASAP! It's got all the facts and figures in it I need to blow their minds. They're gonna love me when they hear my idea.”

Jane raced out of the office and along the corridor. Lacey started printing the file. There were only three pages to it, so she clipped them together and rushed to the boardroom a few seconds later.

Lacey checked her appearance in the large wall mirror just outside the boardroom before knocking. She had to be at her best. Her hair was neatly combed, collar length with a side parting. She always knew how to make the best of her hourglass figure. Her very small waistline contrasted with her large bosom and full hips. She wore an expensive silk blouse, which had been sale priced at Bloomingdale’s. In vibrant cerise, it complemented her café au lait complexion and accentuated her full breasts as it clung in all the right places. She wore black tailored slacks that suited her long legs and tiny waist.

After one last check that her cerise lipstick was not on her teeth, she flicked through the papers of the file she had just printed and realized that something must be wrong. This did not look like a proposal for a feature. The file Jane had sent her was a job description for a rival company and a list of all the benefits of working there.

She took a sharp intake of breath, but had no choice but to knock on the door and enter as quietly as she could.

Lacey spotted Jane straight away, she was wide eyed and beckoning Lacey to get a move on, it was almost Jane's turn to present her idea to the editors-in-chief.

Lacey walked over to Jane, trying to signal with her eyes that there was a problem with the print- out.

”Okay, if we could hear from Jane now,” one of the chief editors said.

Jane put out her hand to grab the papers from Lacey but, Lacey pulled them back.

'Thank you, Lacey, I'll take it from here,” Jane smiled.

Lacey was still trying to send signals to Jane, staring from her to the pages in her hand like they were on fire. Jane cleared her throat and tugged harder, managing to relieve Lacey of her duty. As soon as Jane looked at the freshly printed sheets of paper, she realized her mistake.

“Er, this isn't right,” she blurted out, shooting a look at Lacey.

“Jane, if you could move this on, Mr. Horwood has other meetings to attend this morning,” her boss, Ali Russell, said from the opposite end of the room.

“I'm sorry, I don't seem to have…” she shuffled the papers and a progression of shades of red colored her face until she almost turned purple.

“It's my fault,” Lacey said, loudly. “I was trying to tell Jane I brought the wrong file in.”

“Well, Jane,” Ali Russell said to her, “you wrote the proposal, can't you just tell us what it said?”

“Yes, quite, I um, the proposal is ... the idea I had was... I mean, I'm just trying to remember how...”

“I remember your proposal very well, Jane,” Lacey said.

Suddenly all eyes were on Lacey, she swallowed hard and could feel the executive eyes of Mr. Nate Horwood, boring into the side of her face, and she didn't dare look in his direction.

“You do?” asked Jane.

Ms. Russell got impatient with her and looked at Lacey.

“If you know what Jane's trying to say, do you think you could help us out?”

“Yes I can.” Lacey tugged at the front of her blouse. “Jane’s idea was for our thirty something publication, The Word. She proposed a whole issue dedicated to being a single, professional woman and putting work before romance. The pros and cons of having children later in life to make way for your career. And, as it is for the February issue, there'd be something on what the single female does on Valentine's Day. The ten hottest places to chill out and have fun without a man. There'd be a top five of women in industry doing well and thriving on being career minded. The front cover could be a fashion shoot of these women in outfits by women-only designers and... well, that was your idea, wasn't it, Jane?”

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