The Billionaires Love Curves(4)

By: Cj Howard

Jane looked at Lacey open-mouthed, then she looked over at Ali Russell, who was smiling and nodding her head, and, finally, she dared to look over at Nate Horwood. He was also smiling and looking impressed by what Lacey just said.

“Yes,” Jane said. “That's my idea, thank you, Lacey.”

“Jane, it's sensational.” Ali Russell was brimming with excitement. “I'd love to run with that. We've got three months to get this together. I'll have a meeting with you this afternoon to thrash it out and work out how we take the whole idea forward.”

'Th-thank you,” said Jane, glancing at Lacey who was discreetly leaving the room.

Outside the boardroom door, Lacey smiled to herself and made her way back to the office. She had just come up with the idea at the top of her head. She was always thinking up feature ideas but every time she mentioned them to Jane, she would pick holes in them and tell Lacey that one day, when she was more experienced, she might hit on something good.

“Don’t stop trying, though, Lacey” she once said. “All you need is one really solid idea and I'll see if I can help you develop it.”

The next morning, there was no sign of Jane. Lacey wondered if she was ill, it wasn't like her to not to call the office and let her know. Just then the phone on Lacey’s desk rang.

“Lacey, could you report to Ali Russell's office right away.” It was Ali Russell's secretary.

Lacey wondered what it could be about and become instantly worried that something had happened to Jane. Ali was Jane's boss, so maybe she'd heard something first.

Lacey had already taken off the jacket to her wool suit, but put it back on before taking the elevator up to the executive offices. She tugged at the front of her jacket and smoothed the skirt over her curvaceous hips.

“Ms. Russell said to go right in,” the secretary said when Lacey arrived.

“Ah, come in, Lacey. Don't look worried, there's nothing wrong. You know Nate Horwood, don't you?” Ali turned to look at the tall figure of the CEO sitting to her left, who simply nodded at Lacey without any expression on his face.

“Well,” stuttered Lacey. “Only that he owns Holden-Taylor and built the whole company to the success it is as a young media specialist who saw the company failing its targets, and became the youngest billionaire, aged twenty five, six years ago. He has several homes around the world and he was once dating Katherine Heigl, the actress.” She hardly took a breath.

'Tell me, Lacey, did you just swallow Wikipedia or are you a stalker?” Nate Horwood was smiling now. His high cheekbones were slightly pink, his deep blue eyes, sparkling in anticipation of laughter and his teeth were dazzlingly white.

He looked young for thirty one, his hair was fair and in a trendy style, more like a model than a business man. He sat to the side of Ali Russell's large desk with his leg resting on one thigh and his broad shoulders bulging from an expensive designer suit. His elbows were on the arms of the chair, his forefingers coming together under his masculine chin. His hands were large but slender with a ring on his left pinky that had a tiny diamond in it. His tie was not tight to his neck, there was something very laid back and informal about his demeanor.

Finally, Lacey was able to relax and giggle at what she'd just said.

“I'm sorry, I promise I'm not a stalker,” Lacey said. “But I did do my homework before I took this job.”

“Good for you,” Ali said. “Now the reason we called you in is because I spoke to Jane yesterday afternoon about her feature idea, and it seems it was never hers in the first place – was it, Lacey?”

She looked at Lacey over the top of the reading glasses she had just put on.

“Oh,” Lacey said.

“It's all right, Mr. Horwood and I know what happened. We know it was your idea and I was just wondering if you want to run it.”

Lacey staggered backwards and looked at Ali Russell in disbelief and then at Nate Horwood. He was looking at her intensely now and rubbing a forefinger down the side of his chin. The sight of him being so serious set her on edge but yet there was something in the way he looked at her that she really liked.

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