The Billionaires Love Curves(8)

By: Cj Howard

“Did you guys already make out in his office?” Elaine said, looking at her sideways.

“Of course not, why?”

“It looks like a perfect fit. He must really have taken in every detail of your body, every curve and…”

“I know, right?”

“Wait,” Elaine sprung to her feet. ”There’s a letter.”

She handed it to Lacey who opened the blank envelope and pulled out the handwritten letter.

“Let’s see. ’Dear Lacey, I'm looking forward to our date tomorrow evening. I hope you don't mind my choosing the restaurant, or, for that matter, choosing this small gift I thought might be appropriate for where we're going. Until then, Nate.” This is a bit much, don't you think?”

“Don’t be silly, it's romantic.”

“Yeah, but, a dress. It's like being in a movie or something. Does he think I've got nothing nice because of where I come from?”

“Well, don't complain. Make the most of it, things like this don't happen every day. And you know what this means?”

“No, what?”

“You are definitely going to have to put out.”

“Never. I'm sticking to my never on the first date rule and that's that.”

On Friday evening Lacey soaked in the bath before her date. There were many reasons for her to be looking forward to the meal with Nate and being spoiled. One of them was the pressure she had suffered at work. She was getting a bad vibe from some of her colleagues. People were angry with her for coming up with the feature idea and making Jane look bad in the meeting, especially with the CEO being there. Some of them commended her for it, said it was a stroke of genius but at the same time it was obvious they begrudged her having the extra attention from Nate Horwood.

“Pay absolutely no attention to those haters, Lacey,” Elaine had said. “They’re jealous. You're on your way up and they can't stand it. I'm telling you, you go, girl and don't look back.”

It wasn't until Lacey put on the dress Nate sent that she forgot all about the office gossip.

“You look amazing, Lacey!” Elaine stood in the doorway of Lacey’s bedroom

and looked at Lacey in the red velvet, strapless dress. It had a boned bodice and the skirt was floor length.

“Thank you, but this dress is so expensive, my earrings look cheap and my shoes just don't go.”

“Hold on.” Elaine returned with the ideal designer pumps for the dress.

“You’re a half size smaller than me, Elaine. I won't be able to walk in these.” She forced her feet into them anyway.

“So, who says you have to walk. He's sending a car and by the end of the night you'll probably be flat on your back anyway.”

“Elaine, please, I told you before. First date – remember?”

She smoothed down the skirt of her velvet dress and turned right and then left, checking the fit in the mirror. Elaine's shoes were just about comfortable, as long as it was dinner and not dancing, she'd be fine.

There was a buzz on the intercom. Lacey took a deep breath and called, “I'll be right down,” into the mouthpiece.

Elaine gave her a big hug.

“Enjoy yourself. You look a million dollars, expensive earrings or not, you're one classy lady.”

The so called car Nate sent turned out to be a white limousine with a bottle of champagne on ice all ready and waiting for her in the back. She didn't drink anything but marveled at the exclusive hotel the driver pulled up to. He came around and opened the door for her.

“A hotel?” She looked at the driver.

“Mr. Horwood asked me to direct you to the roof garden restaurant. Just take the elevator all the way to the top.”

As the elevator doors slid silently open on the top floor of this Manhattan hotel, she remembered why it seemed so familiar to her. It wasn't because she'd been there before, it was because she'd seen a feature in a magazine about this place. This was voted the most exclusive of New York restaurants and both the hotel and restaurant was frequented by celebrities and the super-rich.

She wondered who she might see there. She couldn't wait to tell Elaine. But to her amazement, the entire restaurant was empty. Was this some kind of mistake? Suddenly, Nate walked towards her.

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