Mistress:Hired for the Billionaire's Pleasure(75)

By: India Grey

‘Are you sorry we’re not jetting off somewhere exotic for a honeymoon?’ he murmured. Her skin was like the velvet of sunwarmed peaches.

‘No.’ She smiled, bending her head to expose the curving sweep of her rose-scented neck to his lips and sighing with pleasure. ‘I’m glad. I love it here too much. At home.’

The shadows stretched and deepened, and the first tiny diamond stars flickered in the lilac sky above them. The children’s laughter and muted shrieks of joy rose like soft moths in the hazy, fragrant evening. Sipping champagne, Rachel let her head fall back as Orlando’s beautiful fingers moved languidly down her arm, trailing rapture. Through half-closed eyes she gazed at him, feeling the familiar unfurling hunger inside, watching as his mouth spread into a slow smile of recognition.

‘Lady Ashbroke, would I be right in thinking that you’re giving me that look?’

She breathed a low, wicked laugh and slipped her hand between the buttons of his shirt, feeling the muscles of his taut stomach tighten beneath her palm. ‘How did you guess?’

‘I can feel it.’

‘How does it feel?’ she whispered huskily.

‘Exquisite.’ He drained his glass of champagne and stood up, pulling her to her feet. ‘But, unless you do something about it soon, extremely uncomfortable. Come on—time for bed.’

Rachel quirked an eyebrow. ‘Us or the children?’


Laughing, Rachel gathered up a protesting Rose, raining kisses down onto her face and her fat little hands, while Orlando lifted Felix high, setting him on his shoulders. Together they made their way back up the path to the house through the blue evening haze.

A vast disc of gold hung over the rooftops of Easton as they approached.

‘Moon,’ said Felix sleepily, pointing. ‘Big yellow moon.’

‘Honeymoon,’ said Rachel quietly, as Orlando’s fingers closed around hers, his thumb caressing her palm. ‘A perfect honeymoon.’

And, in every way possible, it was.

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