Reunited for the Billionaire's Legacy

By: Jennifer Hayward

Christmas at the Castello

Petition for divorce...denied!

Diana Taylor’s marriage to playboy Coburn Grant was short, passionate and blazed brightly until the reality of their different worlds set in. Now, years later, Coburn has finally agreed to a divorce. Except one last pleasurable night together seals their fate—with a baby!

Diana knows Coburn will never sign the papers now—he will have his wife and child. And, whisked away to a tropical island paradise, it’s increasingly difficult to ignore their primal hunger for each other. With his legacy growing inside her, can Diana deny the one man she could never resist?

“Coburn.” The word came out half croak, her eyes moving over his tall, lean body clad in black jeans and a black T-shirt.

“What are you doing here?”

He stepped fully into the light, moving lithely, catlike, toward her until he was so close she could see the ominous glitter in his beautiful blue eyes. A shiver went down her spine. She was in trouble. So much trouble.

His gaze locked on to hers. “When were you going to tell me, Diana? How long did you deem it acceptable to keep from me that I’m going to be a father?”

Her heart leaped into her mouth. He knew.

The Tenacious Tycoons

Two billionaire brothers to be reckoned with!

Brothers Harrison and Coburn, heirs to the great American Grant dynasty, have everything they could desire—the money, the power and the tenacity to take whatever they want. Yet money can’t buy everything, and if these brothers hope to live up to their family legacy they’ll each need a very special woman by their side.

But the rules of love are nothing like those of business—and when it comes to the game of passion, securing the deal is never as easy as it first seems...


FOR A MAN who thought life was wrapped in a sea of irony, this had to take the cake.

Coburn Grant, heir to an automotive fortune and the newly minted CEO of Grant Industries, gave his silk tie a tug so it didn’t feel as if he was choking on his own cynicism. Attending his best friend Tony’s engagement party on the eve of his own divorce was impeccable timing that only he could manage. Having to give a speech to the happy couple in thirty minutes that spoke of hope and rainbows? The icing on that exceedingly unpalatable cake.

He could do this. He could. He just needed one more stiff Scotch in his hand. That and a big set of rose-colored glasses.

“You okay, Grant?” Rory Delaney, the big, brawny Australian who had been a close friend since they’d attended Yale together, lifted an amused brow. “You look a bit green.”

Coburn adopted one of his patented entertained-by-life expressions, the only mask he ever let the world see. “Never better.”

And why wouldn’t he be? He was the leader of the Fortune 500 company he’d helped rebuild after his father’s death, his brother, Harrison, was campaigning for the White House, which was only adding to Grant Industries’ global appeal, and he had a particularly beautiful, slightly wild blonde warming his bed every night—convenient when she lived only two doors down.

Heaven was what he called it.

Rory, a tall, handsome pro basketball player who was immensely popular with the ladies himself, gave a reassured shake of his head. “So glad to hear that, Grant. Right at this particular moment, in fact.”

Rory’s tone was a blend of sarcasm and warning. He was worrying Coburn was still hung up over his soon-to-be ex, who had left him a year ago. Which was so entirely wrong. His marriage to Diana had been a foolish, rash endeavor to numb the pain he’d been in over his father’s death, a passionate, all-consuming obsession with which to direct his emotions. Exactly what he’d needed at the time. Exactly what he needed to get rid of now.

He lifted a shoulder. “I’m not twenty-five anymore, Ror. An amazing body and a smart mouth don’t do it for me any longer.”

Rory’s face tightened in warning as his friend’s definitive elocution carried throughout the room. “Coburn—”

He waved him off. “I don’t know what you’re getting yourself so worked up about. I’ve got this speech in my back pocket.”

Rory gave a spot behind him a pointed look. “Diana is behind you. Three o’clock.”

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