Seduced by the Sultan

By: Sharon Kendrick

What this sultan wants, he gets!

Catrin Thomas was an ordinary girl from the Welsh valleys when she was swept into a steamy affair with sexy Murat, a desert sultan! But when she discovers his aides are brokering a marriage to a suitable virgin bride, she leaves, heartbroken.

With an entire kingdom at his command, Murat’s furious that Catrin is the one person to defy him—whatever she thinks, she will be by his side again.

Only, Murat will find this Catrin isn’t the sweet, amenable plaything of before—but a formidable woman! Smart, feisty and tantalizing him at every turn…

“It was uncomplicated and great—at least, that’s what you told me at the time. But now you’re using that fact to make me sound like some sort of tramp!”

Steeling himself against the venom spitting from Catrin’s eyes, Murat shook his head. “My intention has never been to make you feel bad about yourself, but I never promised you marriage, Cat. I made that clear from the start. And yes, I always said I would be honest with you. I told you that I had very particular specifications for my bride. That I required a woman of royal blood who would behave as a future desert queen would be expected to behave. And I’m afraid that you were…” His voice trailed away, but once again, she didn’t seem prepared to let it go.

“I was what, Murat?”

He sighed, wondering why women always did this. Even Cat. Why they always provoked you to a certain point and made you say something that afterward you would both regret. He shook his head. “It doesn’t matter.”

“Oh, but it does. It matters very much.”

He shrugged. “I’m afraid you were neither.”


‘YOU’RE NOTHING BUT a rich man’s whore!’

The words still burned in Catrin’s ears and she couldn’t seem to shift them, no matter how hard she tried. Hateful words made worse by the fact that they had been spoken by her own mother.

‘What the hell do you think he’s doing when he’s out of the country?’ Ursula Thomas had demanded. ‘Going to bed early, with nothing but a book in his hand?’

Catrin had sat listening to the slurred words, feeling all her confidence drain away. But she couldn’t deny that the accusations had touched a raw nerve and that was probably why she had reacted so defensively. Why her nails had dug into the palms of her hands so hard that it hurt and instead of telling her mother it was none of her business, she had stupidly tried to justify herself. Because that was pointless. Some people only ever saw the dark side of life and her mother was one of them.

She was not a whore.

And Murat was going to bed on his own.

Catrin let her thoughts stray to the exotic Sultan who had changed her world. She had never planned to be a ‘kept woman’ living in a fancy penthouse, but that was the way things had turned out. Just as she had never planned a relationship with a man who was larger than life—a man for whom the rules had to be broken. Only now she had broken the most dangerous rule of all and she didn’t know what she was going to do about it.

Later, he would arrive here from Qurhah. He would take her in his arms and the undiluted pleasure of his kiss would quickly block out everything else. But she wondered for how long. How long before the niggling doubts returned—along with the growing certainty that she had done what she had vowed never to do?

She had fallen in love with him.

She loved Murat.

It was the worst of all possible scenarios.

She walked over to the window and stared out. How had that happened? Especially to someone who didn’t ‘do’ love? Who had always claimed—with good reason—that she didn’t know what love was. She wondered when that invisible switch had been flicked. The one which had changed everything and made her heart race whenever she thought of him. Was it logical to love a man who was never really there for her, who had never offered her anything but fabulous sex and pretty baubles?

But love wasn’t logical, was it? It crept up on you whether you wanted it to or not. And that was dangerous. More to the point, it was futile. Because the only thing the Sultan had ever promised her was that he could never commit.

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