Rumors on the Red Carpet

By: Carole Mortimer

Rumors on the Red Carpet

Learning at the hands of a billionaire

When a dream holiday propels Thia into the glittering world of New York’s scandalous elite, she catches the eye of renowned businessman Lucien Steele. For the first time, Alicia’s determined to take what she really wants…love and life in the fast lane!

The Talk of Hollywood

Lights, Camera, Bedroom!

From his latest sports car to his latest blonde, gossip surrounds infamous Hollywood director Jaxon Wilder. Infuriatingly, Stazy Bromley proves resistant to Jaxon’s usual charms—and demands an equal stake in his project! Is it only a matter of time before another scandalous affair rocks the tabloids?

Dear Reader,

I hope you enjoy reading the two books featured in this collection as much as I enjoyed writing them!

While the two books are not connected in regard to characters, they are both set in the intriguing and often scandalous world of show business, with my heroes and heroines caught in that scandal and intrigue up to their handsome shoulders and beautiful necks. One of the books is set in London and New York, the other in England and Hollywood, and include all the glamour and glitz associated with that world.


Lots of love,

Carole Mortimer



Thia tensed, a shiver of awareness quivering down the length of her spine at the sound of that deep voice coming out of the darkness behind her, before turning quickly to search those shadows for the man who had just spoken to her.

She was able to make out a tall figure in the moonlight just feet away from where she stood, alone on the balcony that surrounded the whole of this luxurious penthouse apartment on the fortieth floor of one of the impressive buildings lighting up the New York skyline. Only dim light spilled from the open French doors of the apartment further down the balcony—along with the sound of tinkling laughter and the chatter of the fifty or so party guests still inside—making it impossible for Thia to see any more than that the man was very tall, dark and broad-shouldered. Imposingly so.

Dangerously so...?

The wariness still humming through her body just at the sound of the deep and seductive timbre of his voice said a definite yes!

Thia’s fingers tightened about the breast-high balustrade in front of her. ‘I was, yes...’ she answered pointedly.

‘You’re a Brit,’ he observed deeply.

‘From London,’ Thia confirmed shortly, really hoping that he would take note of that terseness and leave her to her solitude.

The New York night skyline, amazing as it was, hadn’t been Thia’s main reason for coming outside into the balmy evening air fifteen minutes ago, when the other guests had all been preoccupied with their excitement at the late arrival of Lucien Steele, American zillionaire businessman, and the party’s guest of honour. That so many high-profile actors, actresses and politicians had turned out for the event was indicative of the amount of power the man wielded.

After all Jonathan’s hype about him Thia had to admit that she hadn’t found him so prepossessing—a man of middle age and average height, slightly stocky and balding. But maybe all that money and power made him more attractive? In any event, Thia had just been grateful that he had arrived at last—if only because it had allowed her to slip outside and be alone—instead of just feeling alone.

Thia certainly hadn’t intended to find herself alone on the balcony with a man who exuded such an intensity of power and sexual attraction she could almost taste it...

‘A Brit, from London, who’s avoiding the party inside...?’ that deep voice guessed with dry amusement.

Having been to three other parties just like this one in the four days since her arrival in New York, Thia had to admit to having become slightly bored—jaded?—by them. The first one had been fun—exciting, even—meeting people she had only ever seen on the big or little screen before, world-famous actors and actresses and high-profile politicians. But the artificiality of it was all becoming a bit samey now. The conversations were repetitive and too loud, the laughter even more so, with everyone seemingly out to impress or better everyone else, their excessive wealth literally worn on their sleeves.

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