The Redemption of Darius Sterne(3)

By: Carole Mortimer

But she would certainly have remembered it if she had ever seen so much as a photograph of the man seated across the restaurant.

‘Hardly, darling. That’s his twin sitting beside him,’ Kim explained softly.

Andy’s gaze shifted to the man who had walked in with Mr Dark and Compelling—Darius or Xander Sterne?—and now sat at the table with him talking to the older couple.

Definitely not an identical twin!

If one of the twins was dark and compelling then the other was light and magnetic; the second man’s fashionably tousled hair was a pale blond, his skin golden, a sexy grin lighting up his handsome and chiselled features, laughter lines fanning out from warm brown eyes, as if he smiled often. He was as tall and muscled as his brother, his impeccably black evening suit also tailored to perfection.

Under any other circumstances Andy knew she would have found the second twin the most handsome man in the room, but the dark twin was just so breathtaking she had to admit to having barely noticed his brother until now.

Dark twin. Light twin.

Andy’s gaze moved inexorably back to the dark twin. ‘Which one is he?’

‘Mr Gorgeous? That would be Xander,’ Kim supplied lightly.

‘Hello? I’m still sitting here,’ Colin put in pointedly, his own dark-haired and blue-eyed looks better described as homely rather than gorgeous.

‘You know how much I love you, love,’ Kim assured him warmly. ‘But no woman in her right mind could stop herself from looking at someone like Xander Sterne.’

Again, Andy was barely listening to her sister and Colin as they bantered back and forth. Mainly because the dark twin had just glanced her way again. And given another raise of that dark and mocking brow as he’d found her still watching him. Causing Andy to quickly look away, the warmth of embarrassed colour flooding her cheeks.

‘—all that gorgeous golden hair and those warm brown eyes. As for the delicious and toned body underneath that wonderful designer-label suit...’ Kim continued to sing the man’s praises.

‘I’m going to go to the bathroom, leaving you two ladies to continue drooling, before I develop a complex,’ Colin excused dryly as he stood up and left the table.

‘Xander is the blond one?’ Andy questioned her sister sharply once the two of them were alone, instantly revising her thoughts as she realised it was Darius she had been staring at, not the light twin, Xander.

‘Well, of course he’s the gorgeous blond,’ Kim teased dismissively. ‘I would hardly be drooling, as Colin so elegantly put it, over Darius.’ She gave a shiver. ‘All that dark, cold broodiness makes him just too scary for words!’

Dark, cold and scary.

Yes, Andy acknowledged, Darius Sterne was definitely scary. But, as far as she was concerned, not in the cold and brooding way her sister meant.

If Xander was light and good humour, then Darius was the opposite; a man as dark as sin—inside as well as out. His chiselled features were so grimly forbidding it looked as if he rarely found occasion to smile, let alone laugh.

But when he did?

How would it feel to be the woman responsible for putting a smile on that coldly arrogant face? To bathe in his appreciative laughter? To be the one responsible for putting the warmth of that laughter into those beautiful topaz eyes?

Or the heat of desire!

And on that note Andy brought her thoughts to a screeching halt.

Men like Darius Sterne, successful billionaires like Darius Sterne, she corrected herself ruefully, did not look at women like her. Women who so obviously did not even belong in a restaurant like Midas, let alone the rarefied world of extreme wealth that the Sterne brothers inhabited.

And yet Darius Sterne had certainly looked at her.

Only briefly, Andy admitted, but he had definitely returned her gaze.

Maybe that was because she had been caught staring at him eyes wide, mouth agape?

Well, yes. Maybe. But to be fair, everyone else in the restaurant had also been staring at the Sterne twins. Maybe not in quite the lustful way she had been staring at Darius Sterne, but they had all been looking, nonetheless.


Lord, yes, her feelings were lustful, if the tingling fullness in her breasts and the heat surging through her body was any indication!

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