Pretender to the Throne

By: Maisey Yates

A duty to the past…

After fifteen years in self-imposed exile, the haunted rebel prince Xander Drakos must walk back through the palace gates and assume the role he once abandoned.

Only one woman can restore his good name—the woman he left behind. But when Xander finds Layna Xenakos, he’s horrified to see the effects of the turmoil he left behind written in the scars across her body.

But her scars have given her strength, and Layna refuses to bow to his royal command. Now Xander must use his practiced charm to convince her to become his bride, securing his legitimate place on the throne.

“You speak of the crown as though it’s a poison cup,” Layna said, her words muted.

“It is in many ways. But it is mine. And I have spent too many years trying to pass it off to others.” Yes, as far as anyone knew, the crown was Xander’s. It was the expectation. What he had trained for until he was twenty-one.

The truth was another matter. But it didn’t change the reality.

It didn’t change what had to be done.

“A conscience, Xander?” she asked, using his first name, the sound sending a shiver through him. A ripple of memory.

“I’m not so certain I’d go that far. Maybe a bit of forgotten honor bred into me. Thanks to all that royal blood,” he said, his tone dripping sarcasm. “Imagine my disappointment when I realized I hadn’t replaced it all with alcohol.”

“A disappointment for many,” she said. She sounded more like her old self now. He’d officially destroyed her serenity. Perhaps a lightning bolt would be in the offing after all.

“I’m sure. But I had thought there might be a way of softening the blow.”

“And that is?”

“You,” he said. “I’m going to need you, Layna.”

The Call of Duty

When legacy commands, they must obey!

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Pretender to the Throne

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But first he’ll need the woman he left behind at his side.


Pretender to the Throne

All about the author…Maisey Yates

MAISEY YATES knew she wanted to be a writer even before she knew what it was she wanted to write.

At her first job she was fortunate enough to meet her very own tall, dark and handsome hero, who happened to be her boss, and promptly married him and started a family. It wasn’t until she was pregnant with her second child that she found her very first Harlequin Presents® book in a local thrift store—by the time she’d reached the happily ever after, she had fallen in love. She devoured as many as she could get her hands on after that, and she knew that these were the books she wanted to write.

She started submitting, and nearly two years later, while pregnant with her third child, she received The Call from her editor—at the age of twenty-three she had sold her first manuscript to the Harlequin Presents® line, and she was very glad that the good news didn’t send her into labor!

She still can’t quite believe she’s blessed enough to see her name on not just any book, but on her favorite books.

Maisey lives with her supportive, handsome, wonderful, diaper-changing husband and three small children, across the street from her parents and the home she grew up in, in the wilds of southern Oregon. She enjoys the contrast of living in a place where you might wake up to find a bear on your back porch, then walk into your home office to write stories that take place in exotic, urban locales.

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