A Deal with Demakis

By: Tara Pammi

When the devil commands…

Nikos Demakis’s plan is set. With his eye firmly on the CEO position of his grandfather’s business he will finally lay his past to rest. And Lexi Nelson holds the key. She might resist, she’ll definitely try to negotiate, but Nikos always gets what he wants.

Lexi has never met anyone like Nikos. The power that he exudes is almost overwhelming. Almost. She’s determined to prove that she’s more than a match for him. But as the playing field changes from power to passion, it soon becomes a battle of wills that she’s not sure she wants to win!

“I mean you no harm, Ms. Nelson.”

“Yeah, right. And I’m a Victoria’s Secret model.”

Laughter barreled out of Nikos. Her blue eyes wide, she stared at him.

Lexi was no model, with her boyish body and nonexistent curves. Yet there was something curiously appealing about her even to his refined tastes. “I think you’re a foot too short,” he said, letting his gaze rove over her small breasts. Her hands tightened around her waist.

Crimson slashed her cheeks. She lifted her chin, her gaze assessing him, and despite himself, he was impressed. “Why the power play? You didn’t open that file in front of me to double-check your facts. You wanted me to know that you had all that information on me. Is that how you get your kicks? By collecting people’s weaknesses and using them to serve your purpose?”

“Yes,” he replied, and the color leeched from her face. He had no delusions about himself. He was by no means above using any information in his hand to gain the upper edge in business or life. And especially now, when it concerned his sister’s well-being, he would do anything. “I need you to do something for me, and I can’t take no for an answer.”


“MS. NELSON IS here, Nikos.”

Nikos Demakis checked his Rolex and smiled. His little lie had worked, not that he had doubted it. Not an hour had passed since he had had his secretary place the call.

“Instruct security to bring her up,” he said, and turned back to his guests.

Another man might have felt a twinge of regret for having manipulated the situation to serve his purpose so well. Nikos didn’t.

Christos, it was getting more unbearable by the minute to see his sister trail after her boyfriend, trying to make Tyler remember, and playing the role of the tragic lover to the hilt. Only instead of the usual volatility, Nikos was beginning to see something else in her gaze. Obviously he had underestimated how much power Tyler had gained over her. The announcement that they were engaged had stirred even his grandfather’s attention.

* * *

Just as Nikos had expected, Savas had laid down the ultimatum. Another excuse for the old tyrant to postpone declaring Nikos the CEO for Demakis International.

Sort out Venetia and the company’s yours, Nikos. Take away her bank account, her expensive car and her clothes. Lock her up. She will forget that boy soon enough once she starts remembering what it feels like to go hungry again.

Nikos’s gut roiled, just remembering Savas’s words.

It was time to get the charming, manipulative Tyler out of her life. However, he had no intention of starving his sister to achieve that end. Nikos had done, and would do, anything for survival but hurt Venetia in any way. But the fact that Savas had not only considered it but dangled it like an option in front of Nikos, expected Nikos to put it into action, was unsettling in the least.

His expression must have reflected his distaste, because Nina, the leggy brunette he usually got together with when he was in New York, slipped to the other corner of the lounge.

“Ms. Nelson would like to meet you in the café across the street,” his assistant whispered in his ear.

Nikos scowled. “No.”

Bad enough that he would have to deal with not one but two emotionally volatile, out-of-control women in the coming days. He wanted to get this meeting done with as soon as possible and get back to Athens. He couldn’t wait to see Savas’s reaction when he told him of his triumph.

He grabbed a drink from a passing waiter and took a sip of the champagne. It slid like liquid gold against his tongue, richer and better tasting for his sweet victory. Against Savas’s dire predictions that Nikos wouldn’t find an investor, Nikos had just signed a billion-dollar contract with Nathan Ramirez, an up-and-coming entrepreneur, by granting exclusive rights to a strip of undeveloped land on one of the two islands owned by the Demakis family for almost three centuries.

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