Securing the Greek's Legacy

By: Julia James

The only solution to both their problems?

Lyn Brandon put her life on hold to protect and keep her beloved orphaned nephew. So when rich, powerful and gorgeous Anatole Telonides arrives demanding the child’s return to his Greek family, the blood freezes in Lyn’s veins…even as her pulse starts racing.

Anatole has spent his life building his family’s empire. Now to secure its legacy he must get the beautiful Lyn to agree to his command. It should be easy, but Lyn is clearly more than the shrinking violet she seems. Her steely resistance entices him to make the ultimate sacrifice…marriage!

“Does that reassure you?” Anatole asked.

No! she wanted to shout. No, nothing, absolutely nothing, about this insane idea reassures me!

But what was the point of saying that? Of course the idea was insane and absurd and outrageous—but Anatole Telonidis was taking it seriously. Talking about it as if it were really going to happen.

Am I really going to go through with this? Go through with a marriage to a man I never knew existed forty-eight hours ago?

A man she was a million miles removed from—a man who lived in the distant stratosphere of the rich, while she was an impecunious student struggling along the breadline.

“Lyn?” His deep, accented voice interrupted her troubled emotions. She jerked her head up and felt the impact of his gaze, felt the flurry in her veins that came as his eyes rested on her, his look enquiring.

“Are we agreed?” he asked.

She bit her lip. She wanted time—time to think, to focus! But how would that help? The longer she delayed, prevaricated, the more likely Anatole Telonidis would get impatient and set his lawyers on to the task of making a formal application to adopt Georgy himself. She took a breath, ragged and uneven.

“Okay,” she said. “Okay, I’ll do it.”

All about the author…Julia James

JULIA JAMES lives in England with her family. Harlequin® novels were Julia’s first “grown-up” books she read as a teenager (“alongside Georgette Heyer and Daphne du Maurier”), and she’s been reading them ever since.

Julia adores the English countryside (“and the Celtic countryside!”), in all its seasons, and is fascinated by all things historical, from castles to cottages. She also has a special love for the Mediterranean (“the most perfect landscape after England!”)—she considers both ideal settings for romance stories. Since becoming a romance writer, she has, she says, had the great good fortune to start discovering the Caribbean, as well, and is happy to report that those magical, beautiful islands are also ideal settings for romance stories! “One of the best things about writing romance is that it gives you a great excuse to take holidays in fabulous places,” says Julia. “All in the name of research, of course!”

In between writing, Julia enjoys walking, gardening, needlework and baking “extremely gooey chocolate cakes”—and trying to stay fit!


ANATOLE TELONIDIS STARED bleakly across the large, expensively furnished lounge of the penthouse apartment in the most fashionable part of Athens. It was still as untidy as it had been when his young cousin Marcos Petranakos had last walked out of it a few short nightmare weeks ago, straight to his death.

When their mutual grandfather, Timon Petranakos, had phoned his older grandson he had been distraught. ‘Anatole, he’s dead! Marcos, my beloved Marcos—he’s dead!’ the old man had cried out.

Smashed to pieces at twenty-five, driving far too fast in the lethal supercar that had been Timon’s own present to Marcos, given in the wake of their grandfather’s recent diagnosis with cancer.

The death of his favourite grandson, whom he had spoiled lavishly since Marcos had lost his parents as a teenager, had been a devastating blow. Timon had since refused all treatment for his cancer, longing now only for his own death.

Anatole could understand his grandfather’s devastation, his mind-numbing grief. But the fallout from Marcos’s tragic death would affect more lives than their own family’s. With no direct heir now to the vast Petranakos Corporation, the company would pass to an obscure Petranakos relative whose business inexperience would surely, in these parlous economic times, lead inevitably to the company’s collapse and the loss of thousands of jobs, adding to the country’s sky-high unemployment levels.

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